I know, it’s hard to believe, but some of you out there are tired of the ordinary, humble mince pie.  If you’re longing to stray from the nest and fancy a bit of adventure, then here are a few temptations to entice you on your journey.
Question is, do they still count as mince pies?  What do you reckon?

This recipe is similar to the basic pies above, but with the added advantage of including several alternatives at the bottom; Cheesecake, Frangipane, Meringue & Marzipan pies!  We feel it would be unfair to do a leader board on home-made pies, but some of these look worth a shot.
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For you vegetarians out there… these Fig and Walnut Mince Pies with Smooth Vanilla Swedish Glace even tempt our carnivorous tastebuds!
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Everything about this recipe shouts America to us; from the Cranberry contents to the ‘cups’ of ingredients.  However, if you’re a transatlantic pie eater, why not give it a try?
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Citrus Frosted Mince Pies  Just reading the recipe makes me drool.

First Mince Pie Spotted 30th August 2006

We have found the first Mince Pie of the 2006 Season!
In a Sainsbury’s store in Chester, the fist Mince Pie of the season was purchased, and consumed!
Sainsbury’s 6 Deep Mince Pies.
What a relief! It’s been nearly 6 months since Mince Pies were on the shelves.


What is interesting about these pies, is the packaging is quite plain and not festive in any way. A sort of a “all year round” package.
We were unable to to a complete review on these Mince Pies, as they were consumed rather too quickly to be brought before the tasting team. But let’s just say they tasted good 😉


Rumours of Mince Pies – 21st August 2006

We have received a report from one of the tasting team that Mince Pies are on sale in their local Sainsbury’s store.
While we welcome the re-introduction of Mince Pies, we have to wonder if it’s just a bit early to start preparing for Christmas!


We will investigate further and report back our findings.


Mince Pie Club


Mince Pies at Tesco

Mince Pies are back in the shops!
This morning, one of the tasting team reported that Mince Pies are back on sale.
While browsing round a Tesco store, in the festive section, they came across some Mr Kipling “Easter” Mince Pies.
These pies seem to have special ‘Hot Cross Bun Spices’.


As soon as we can get some of these pies to sample, we will let you know…..


Mince-pie eating record set in Beccles

Most people settle for a few pints down the pub to mark their birthday, or perhaps a celebratory meal.
But for Barry Donovan, his quarter-century demanded a bit more attention. So he drew up a list of 25 things to do – including breaking a world record, looking at his own DNA, and llama trekking.
He achieved one of those ambitions today, breaking the world record for eating three mince pies in least time.

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Folklore states that mince pies are a favourite food of Father Christmas, and that one or two should be left on a plate at the foot of the chimney (along with a small glass of brandy or sherry, and a carrot for the reindeer) as a thank-you for stockings well-filled.

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