Mince Pie Reviews

We use eight review criteria when we review the pies:

Visual Presentation: How the Mince Pie presented itself, pie casing , pastry design, finish quality of the pie edge, etc.

Aroma: What hint did the Mince Pie give of the “treasures within”.

Sugar Coating: The quantity, size and evenness of the sugar granules across the surface of the Mince Pie.

Size / Weight: The Mince Pie should be of good size, with not too much overhang. In the palm of your hand feel the weight of the Mince Pie.

First Impressions: That all important first bite.

Crust Thickness/Quality: Was the crust thick enough? Moist enough? Did it crumble? The crust should crumble when you take your first bite, but you should not end up with a lap full of crumbs.

Filling Quality: Can you taste the fruit? Was there any sense of texture?

Filling Quantity: How close to the top of the casing did the filling come?