Mince Pie Reviews

We use eight review criteria when we review the pies:

Visual Presentation: How the Mince Pie presented itself, pie casing , pastry design, finish quality of the pie edge, etc.

Aroma: What hint did the Mince Pie give of the “treasures within”.

Sugar Coating: The quantity, size and evenness of the sugar granules across the surface of the Mince Pie.

Size / Weight: The Mince Pie should be of good size, with not too much overhang. In the palm of your hand feel the weight of the Mince Pie.

First Impressions: That all important first bite.

Crust Thickness/Quality: Was the crust thick enough? Moist enough? Did it crumble? The crust should crumble when you take your first bite, but you should not end up with a lap full of crumbs.

Filling Quality: Can you taste the fruit? Was there any sense of texture?

Filling Quantity: How close to the top of the casing did the filling come?

2019 Review: Harrods Classic Mince Pies

As a Harrods Mince Pie we had high expectations, and though enjoyable this pie did not match up. If the quality and quantity of the filling was improved slightly then this could be a superb pie. As it stands it’s a good pie, but there are others out there that are better and cheaper.

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