Mince Pie Serving Suggestions

How to your like yours?

Here we have gathered the sublime and ridiculous ways that people tell us they eat their Mince Pies.

7 Ways To Eat A Mince Pie by Sheepa Miah | Tabl

7 Ways To Eat A Mince Pie

It’s mince pie season, and whilst everyone is on the search to find this year’s best mince pie, we’ve explored the different ways to eat one.

Although the answer may seem obvious, we’ve found that some people like to eat it with all sorts of toppings (probably because the flavour of these little fruity snacks isn’t to everyone’s taste). So how do you like to eat your mince pie?

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How to eat: mince pies | Food | The Guardian

In 1733, the Gentleman’s Magazine carried a short reflection on mince pies – née Christmas pyes – that, among other observations, noted how puritanical Quakers swerved them on the basis that they are an “invention of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon, an Hodge-Podge of Superstition, Popery, the Devil and all his Works”.

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Raise the Roof

There are many of you out there who recommend putting the air-gap in the shop-bought pies to good use. So why not lift the lid and add some of your own filling? I know this appeals to the blokes out there, ‘cos it means they can pack the accompaniments into the pie and still eat it all without the need for a plate. Not that we’re being sexist here, of course

Here are a few to get you started.
Do email us with your suggestions!

Lift the lid and:

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Pimp My Pie

If you’re really having a good night in, and there’s no-one to laugh at you or looked shocked at how much you can scoff, why not personalise your taste experience?

If you don’t fancy the idea of being so conventional with your pie (and with this, we’re talking more about aesthetics than taste), then why not really go for the whole pimping thing? Pimping your pie, means making it bigger, better and (generally speaking) more ridiculous than anything you could buy in the shops.

We’ve only got a few examples to show you, but are keen to get some more… so send us your snaps and stories of pie-pimping please!

Time for a Tipple

What’s your favourite tipple to go with our celebrated pie? Sherry? Port? Tea?

Here at the Mince Pie Club, we believe pies are fab for every event and occasion. Nice with a cuppa for elevenses, great with a heady red after supper. But the ultimate drink and pie combination? We think it’s a glass of aged tawny port; with the sweet crumbling pastry and rich moist filling of a deluxe quality pie it leaves us smacking our lips for more.

Of course, if you’re going down the route of pies flavoured with booze in the first place, then that’s another question entirely.