Mince Pies Australian Style

Dsc01745Many thanks to Jodie from ‘down under’ for sending us her recipe for making Mince Pies.

Jodie says “I make my own shortcrust pastry and use Robertson’s Mince which is not only delicious but handy!”

Short Crust pastry

240 g plain flour
180 butter
1/4 cup of water and a pinch of salt!
Wrap in cling wrap and pop in fridge for 1/2 hour.

Dsc01721Tip #1: Slice pastry dough in small manageable pieces for rolling.

: Don’t be in a a rush! Make pastry one day, cook them the next!

Filling: Robertsons’ Mince

Dsc01733Cutters:  If you’re not a cookie cutter collector – you can always join my club and use jar lids (vegemite or even Mince jar!)  & or wine glasses!

For golden pastry: mix one egg yolk and a dash of milk, mix then brush uncooked mince pies using pastry brush!

Dsc01753Optional: Icing sugar dusting:

This year I have excluded sugar and haven’t missed it!