2010 Review: Tesco 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

The first pie of the season is always welcome. and a Tesco pie is always a good pie to help us get our taste buds in shape.

Nice average pie.

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2010 Review: Tesco 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies
2.86 / 5 Reviewer
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Reviewers Comments and Guessed Origin

“First one of the season, Large space between the filling and the lid lack of sugar coating. Filling tasted a bit bland not a good start”

“Great pie to open with – very nice – looks ok but tastes better – augers well for 2010”

“Marks and Spencer? A tasty and buttery number, slightly too much pastry to filling ratio though. Great all rounder and did have a some lovely, subtle spices in there too.. “

“Normally I laugh at the group who complain they can’t eat nearly every pie, of lapfuls of crumbs and crumbly disasters. But I’m totally with you on this one, the first bite was all bland pastry (and I have a big bite, trust me) and the rest fell apart instantly. The filling tasted sweet in a saccharin way rather than fruity way. The pastry had no hint of butter taste – or any taste for that matter. I’m guessing Tesco standard (not finest).”

“One likes to be as irreverent and analogous as possible when writing about pies. However, this pie doesn’t warrant the effort. Sainsburys.”

“Origin – lower end supermarket eg ASDA. Crust was a bit dry as if it had been on the shelf for a long time. Lots of filling – but not much taste.”

“Sainsbury? The initial bite was disappointing as it was all crust, but it is a nice light pastry – not at all greasy and not tasting of horrible added gunk. There seemed to be some empty space around the edge and the pie looked to be only 50% full. However, subsequent bites revealed the chunky, well textured and pretty tasty filling. For this reason, I scored higher for the filling quantity than simply what met the eye as it were. Had the pie been filled 100%, the filling would have been too overpowering. The final bite captured the optimum ratio of pastry to filling and left a very nice overall after-taste. A nice pie.”


“This average looking pie looked like it had nothing exciting to offer and in truth it didn’t. This was the Jermaine Jenas of mince pies, distinctly AVERAGE! “

“This pie has all the makings of a world cup campaign. First impressions were good, looks like it stood a good chance, with a firm base and visually appealing. But true to form, hopes were dashed early on, the first bite leaving this pie whimpering out for an early exit. “

“Waitrose? An average first pie. Decent crust quality but let down by a poor amount of filling.”

Packaging Description

Tesco Christmas 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies.
Buttery shortcrust pastry filled  with rich mincemeat

Nutrition Information (Per Pie)

Energy245 kcal

Best Before: 28 Dec 2010
Suitable for Vegetarians