Mince-pie eating record set in Beccles

Most people settle for a few pints down the pub to mark their birthday, or perhaps a celebratory meal.

But for Barry Donovan, his quarter-century demanded a bit more attention. So he drew up a list of 25 things to do – including breaking a world record, looking at his own DNA, and llama trekking.

He achieved one of those ambitions today, breaking the world record for eating three mince pies in least time.

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Folklore states that mince pies are a favourite food of Father Christmas, and that one or two should be left on a plate at the foot of the chimney (along with a small glass of brandy or sherry, and a carrot for the reindeer) as a thank-you for stockings well-filled.

(Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mince_pie )

Who are the volunteer tasters?

Mince Pie Tasting Team
All the tasters for our reviews volunteered. They are all true Mince Pie fans, and have contributed their opinions to further our quest to find “The Ultimate Mince Pie”.

As such, the Mince Pie Club has promised to ensure their anonymity.