2010 Review: Warings Bakery Burghfield

A real ‘home Made’ feel to this pie. With the filling oozing out from the side. No a particularly good looking pie, I’m not a fan of the flat design pies. Disappointing that there was no sugar coating. First impressions were OK. Pastry was very good, light moist not too crumbly. A little think perhaps. Filling was OK, but way too sweet, a few bits of fruit. You can never get enough filling in a flat pie though… Over all a very sweet experience… I would not eat another!

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2010 Review: Warings Bakery Burghfield
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“A great pie, was sceptical at 1st at the lack of sugar on top however it proved its worth in all other areas, some great teckkers with just the one downfall. The Paul Scholes of mince pies great at everything except one attribute… the tackling.”

“A lovely pie! Almost shortbread but not quite….? Waitrose?”

“Bit of a ‘Nichols after a couple of drinks’ pie… not pretty on the eye,dribbling from one side and was quite tricky to shut up!! “

“Chewy and flavourless. Small and empty. Not my idea of a good pie at all.”

“Clearly a local bakery style pie – very rough around the edges. As such, I expected a bit more from the eating. However, apart from it’s high point (a lovely fresh, fruity filling) it failed to lift itself above the generic mass-produced supermarket pies. Bland crust with zero sugar made it taste savoury when I happened to get a bite without any filling.”

“For me the worst pie so far. Looked very flat, and had very little filling. “

“Great pie, perhaps lacking a sprinkle of sugar but all was forgiven after the first bite! Near perfect in almost every area.”

“Neat and tidy, but rather shallow with no sugar on top and a rather dull coloured pastry. There is little aroma pre first bite. First bite was all pastry which is of the drier, biscuit like end of the spectrum but not unpleasant or fatty tasting. Filling reaches the pie lid but this is not difficult to achieve given the pie is a relatively shallow one. The filling is well enough textured but is on the dry side and not very tangy or at all luxurious tasting. All in all, a rather bland tasting pie that looks somewhat unappealing.”

“Nice pastry, and actually filled to the top of the casing for once. Waitrose?”

“Scrummy and a bit unusual – I thought the pastry was a bit thick for a mince pie but it was of lovely shortbread tendency.”

“Shop: Mrs. Miggin’s Pie Shop (or any local bakery). A pie from a different era, namely the 1940s, as the only reason for the lake of sugar is rationing. Not only that, but it has been hit with the ugly stick and flattened. But, it the spirit of the 1940s, what it lacked in finesse it made up for in substance. Very tasty; lovely, soft, crumbly pasty and depth of flavour in the mince. With the looks of the Jerrys and the taste of the Tommies, a WWII pie if ever there was…..”

“The pie looked good and weighed in well, but where was that sugar coating, a bit of a gap between the lid and the filling. Good taste on that all important first bite, nice and buttery a lovely aroma. Average filling let it down. Waitrose.”

“To dry! filed my desk full of crumbs! The pie fell apart in my hands”

“Warings!! (As one of their most loyal customers I’d have to know this one…) Lovely buttery pastry, nicely textured filling (not just sweet mush) but would have been improved by a dash of alcohol (what wouldn’t?) – and more of it. Shame the low sugar topping scores is going to bring this pie down. I’d definitely serve this at home (would probably pretend I’d made it.)”

“What can I say about this pie? it had so much filling that it was oozing out the top resulting in a little more than just a hint of the treasures within. On the down sizde the crust was a bit thick and didn’t have any sugar… about average pie quality. No idea where it’s from.”