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Mince Pie Club on the BBC Web site

Dan WalkerDan Walker, writing in his Blog on the BBC web site confesses to being a Mince Pie Fan!


Last Thursday, I was responsible for my own nourishment on the long
trip to Liverpool, so I armed myself with the travel essentials – tube
of fig rolls, six-pack of mince pies and two pints of semi-skinned –
and headed for the M6.
If you have never experienced the heady combination of mince pie and
milk, let me take this opportunity to heartily recommend it to you. My
own personal opinion is that limiting the mince pie to the festive
period is a shambolic way to treat such a culinary delight.”

We agree with you Dan, Mince Pies should be avaliable all year round.

You can read his full article here on the BBC web site

We are not the only pie tasters!

We are not the only people tasting Mince Pies!

Keith Tomlins, a Food Scientist at the University of Greenwich at Medway’s Natural Resources Institute, conducted sensory tests to find out for the consumer magazine, Which?

You can read all about their tests here

2009 Mince Pie Eating Competition, Wookey Hole.

The Big Eat Logo


28th October 2009


(GULP…) Don’t 12 months go quickly when you’ve got RAGING INDIGESTION ? Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the season when ravenous hordes descend on the bastion of good taste and perfect table manners known as WOOKEY HOLE and try to break the British record for STUFFING THEIR CAKEHOLES with mince pies.

And this year that could mean YOU!

Wookey Hole is looking for contestants and spectators for this year’s BIG EAT competition, if you think you are up to the challenge and would like to try and win £1000 (first place) then submit your details here
All entrants must be 18 years or older

Who ate all the pies?

If you live in Bristol, you might be chuffed to know that you’re topping the list – at least of Asda pies. Asda have produced an entertaining little press release indicating which areas sell most mince pies. According to them, sales are booming, having gone up 300% compared with last year’s figures. Well, finally the world is catching on – what else can we say?
Check it out for yourself: