2010 Review: Marks & Spencer Classic Butter Rich Mince Pies

A conventionally neat and tidy, average sized but lightweight pie with only a mere sprinkle of sugar. Pre the first bite, the pie smells a little buttery but with little hint of the filling. First bite was a little disappointing but I think that was due to an ‘air pocket’ at that precise corner, so was mainly pastry which is on the dry side and somewhat digestive biscuit-like. However, a good big munch of a more substantial chunk revealed a an overall pastry and filling mixture which actually works quite well. I’d say that the filling is the better ingredient and is quite well textured and tangy, so offsetting the slightly disappointing pastry. After the last bite, the taste lingers a while so it’s not a bad effort. Overall, my impression is of a reasonable average supermarket pie for general everyday consumption – that is, it’s not a gourmet treat by any means……

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2010 Review: Marks & Spencer Classic Butter Rich Mince Pies
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“Average in every way but never disappointing. “

“Big fan of this fella. Cheekily fruity with a buttery pastry – nice bit of skirt that”

“Bit of a mid table pie for me, looked ok but the taste wasn’t that good in fact it tasted a bit metallic. Asda “

“Filling had good texture, but not much taste. Not much of it either. Bit of a disappointment as it had a good visual presentation was light in weight and light in filling. Even so… a nice way to end the working week”

“High street shelf filler – filling was good , tasty and plentiful – pastry appeared too dry on top and possibly too doughy of base – temperature settings on the ovens ??”

“LIDL – A little too much crust compared to filling. Very sticky.”

“looks and tastes like a run-of-the-mill mass-produced supermarket pie, and below average at that. Plastic looking, uneven sugar coating, uninspiring crust, and chewy filling. I need a glass of water. ASDA basic or mid-range?”

“M+S? Tastes a lot of booze. Good quality topping, right amount of sugar. Best one yet.”

“Solidly good pie in all areas.”

“Tesco – fine as a filler but quite average, middle of the range pie. edible and would be happy to server to guests but not for special occasions. Moist crust, tasty centre”

“The fruit was very hard and not as sweet as the others. I had some visable fat in the filling of my mince pie.”

“This pie is like Emile Heskey a good all round player which assists a tea very well but not the finisher I would want at end “

Packaging Description

Classic Butter rich Mince Pies
6 delicious butter rich pastry pies, deep filled with our fruity classic mincemeat bursting with juicy sultanas, Vostizza currants & raisins.

Nutrition Information (Per Pie)

Energy2550 kcal

Best Before: 21 Dec 2010
Suitable for Vegetarians