2010 Review: Kirkland Mince Pies from Costco

What a massive looking pie!

Huge, almost completely covered with icing sugar…

This is a bit unusually as pies go, wide and flat rather than deep. There will be plenty of pie to taste today.

After the initial waow on the size, the looks are quite average… not delicate features on this monster.

I’m slightly disappointed that the sugar is icing, rather than granulated… but there is so much of it it’s hard to complain.

First impressions reveal a spongy topping, quite unexpected. Nice, but not quite the right form for a mince pie….

the filling is good, quite sweet, and with all that sugar on top it’s a very sweet experience all round.

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2010 Review: Kirkland Mince Pies from Costco
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Reviewers Comments and Guessed Origin

“A bit small…”

“A blanket of sugar/cornflower hid a thick almondy cakey topping to this huge pie. The filling was really fruity and tangy but in places there was more cake than mincemeat which was a shame. The sugar coating being mixed with something else meant it was tasteless and I missed the crumble of a pastry topping. Tasty but not as good as it could have been.”

“A fascinating Pie, Great looking, huge in size, taste was lovely though unfortunately I think I got a dud as the pie I consumed had a serious lack in filling as opposed to my colleagues pies. It would be like going out on triple date with some triplets all fantastic looking but the girl you get is the odd bad, with nothing too offer but a cute face, slightly gutted!”

“An independent bakery somewhere on Vicky’s run home”

“Bigger than normal and with lots of icing sugar. Sadly, because it was so wide, it wasn’t very tall so didn’t have much filling and the vast quantities of sugar distracted from the taste of fruit. There was also a cakey substance insight which reduced the crust quality and total flavor. Not the best pie I’ve ever had but think it comes from a shop or company trying too hard to be exclusive. Possibly Tesco Finest* or something like it.”

“Duchy Originals “fit for a prince” – a whopper of a pie with lovely fluffy light pastry, white powdery sugar coating. nice texture, pity there was not more filling. but very good pie, will be tough to beat “

“More of a cake than a pie but pretty good – Costco”

“One of those ‘luxury’ labeled ?”

“The BFG of pies. Looks massive, is massive, and really really nice.”

“The filling was just right for the size of the pie. The sponge top made a nice change. The pie was maybe a little too big.”

“The first pie I’ve had with too much sugar! The filling quantity also wasn’t great – but the quality of it was good. A few tweaks and this could be the ultimate mince pie.”

“This pie is a meal deal on its own, not too sure of the sponge top with half a ton of sugar coating the dust goes right up your hooter. Average quality filling and with the sponge topping there was no gap between the filling and the lid. “

“This pie is lionel! Pretty tricky to eat, but a good change from the run of the mill supermarket effort. Would be a daunting sight after that big xmas dinner… would need some leftover gravy to wash it down!”

“This was the first Pie that looked and tasted like a pie – all others are mere morsels. This is the daddy “

“Unsure where it came from – but could have been an independent baker? I felt that the individual components were excellent, however, there was either not enough filling or too much pastry/sponge depending on which way you look at it. I also felt that there was too much icing sugar on top. It was a big pie though and very enjoyable!”

“What a whopper… a big hunky thing like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Lots of icing sugar dusted on top but little aroma pre first bite. So to the first bite which reveals a very thick pastry, especially towards the outer rim. Whilst the pastry is quite nice and not too fatty tasting, there is simply too much of it. Whilst the filling reaches the pie roof, such is the thickness of the pastry that in fact the filling is not especially generous for the size of pie so I mark it down on quantity. The filling is pretty tasty and textured but on eating the outer edge section of the pie there is too much pastry. It’s only on eating the central inner section of the pie does one taste a more ideal mix of pastry and filling where the full power of the somewhat juicy filling can be appreciated. Overall, an interesting pie with somewhat plus and minus points in each category, so was a difficult one to judge based on the normal benchmarks. It’s sure to be a talking point and split opinion. However, not a pie for everyday regular consumption, unless that is you are a gannet teenager or want to put on weight.”

“Wow, this was like a Squirrels nest hidden deep below a snowdrift. After shoveling off the thick layers of powder from the top this treasure trove gave no secret of its treats within, with no aroma and no markings to distinguish it from the crowd. Yet once inside, the size of the haul was abundant indeed and with a fruity rich taste. Although not a typical short crust this was a hidden gem of enormous proportions.”

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