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7 Ways To Eat A Mince Pie by Sheepa Miah | Tabl

7 Ways To Eat A Mince Pie

It’s mince pie season, and whilst everyone is on the search to find this year’s best mince pie, we’ve explored the different ways to eat one.

Although the answer may seem obvious, we’ve found that some people like to eat it with all sorts of toppings (probably because the flavour of these little fruity snacks isn’t to everyone’s taste). So how do you like to eat your mince pie?

The Classic: Hot or Cold

With a touch of icing sugar lightly dusted on top, you can’t go wrong with the classic, simple approach. Some people can devour the whole thing straight out of the box. Whilst others like to heat it up and eat it warm.


If you’re not satisfied with plain mince pies or don’t find them sweet enough already, you could mix icing sugar with a small amount of water and drizzle it on top. It does look impressive when serving on individual plates.


Eating cake with custard seems completely right… so why wouldn’t this work with a mince pie? The good news is, it really does work and is now probably our favourite way to eat one!

The custard is the right consistency to coat the mince pie and it helps tone down the sweetness of the filling without compromising the flavour too much. This works particularly well when both the mince pie and custard have been warmed up.

Double Cream

With a warm mince pie and a cool drizzle of double cream, this combination helps to cut through the richness, similar to the custard, except it doesn’t interfere with the flavour at all.

Yoghurt and Berries

The tangy yoghurt will be a welcome addition to anyone who finds mince pies a bit too heavy and rich. This topping affects the flavour the most, but the berries add an element of freshness to each mouthful. You can use any yoghurt of your choice.


We started getting creative and even tried it with a generous slice of blue cheese… we were pleasantly surprised! It acts as a perfect companion to the intense sweetness of a mince pie filling. We’ll be serving any leftover mince pies with our Christmas cheese board for sure!

Whipped Stilton & Pancetta

Then we experimented even more by trying it with a stilton based whipped cream, sprinkled with crispy pancetta. The verdict? Well, those on the Tabl team adventurous enough to try it, reckon the creation was so delicious, a whole batch of them could replace an entire Christmas dinner. The rest of us weren’t so sure…

So whilst you may have always eaten a mince pie in a particular way (or tried to avoid it altogether), why not mix it up and try one of the ways we’ve mentioned above… it might just pleasantly surprise you too!

And if you’re looking to make your own mince pies, give this recipe on Tabl a go.

Source: 7 Ways To Eat A Mince Pie by Sheepa Miah | Tabl