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2010 Review: Morrison’s 6 Lattice Mince Pies

Well this is an unusual looking pie. I think it might be the first time that we have seem this pie. Normally I’m not too keen on lattice topped pies, but I’m prepared to give this a go. Very little aroma, but with a lattice top that’s to be expected. No visible sugar, but a nice looking glaze. Pastry was nice and soft, not too crumbly either. Not a lot of filling, and it had a very sweet after-taste… hardly any fruit to speak of either. An OK effort… I’m still not converted to lattice topped mince pies

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2010 Review: Morrison’s 6 Lattice Mince Pies
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Reviewers Comments and Guessed Origin

“Origin? GCSE domestic science class of 2010 – pastry still doughy and waiting to be cooked, filling had the unadulterated taste of something straight from the jar. All effort restricted to a pastry lid that looked like Rab C Nesbitt’s string vest “

“No sugar topping, a bit sticky. I think this may be a mass produced pie from a supermarket chain. Good filling.”

“Fun design on top but a shame it didn’t fit well. Lots of fruit with some taste. Shame there wasn’t much Sugar Coating and there could have been more filling. Either a low quality supermarket’s upper brand or the cheapest option of a higher brand. Morrison’s.”

“A complete lack of sugar and wasn’t a fan of the visual presentation… wasn’t expecting a good pie from first impressions… but fantastic filling quality and a decent crust more than made up for this.”

“Wouldn’t get a second date. Looks pretty ropey from the outside, bit of personality with a fruity filling, but in terms of appearance, looks like it has been run over by a bus. Not one to brag to your mates about!”


“Everything about this pie was telling me it was going to be rubbish but after the first bite it was a different story. The Peter Crouch of mince pies looked rubbish but actually has some hidden treasures”

“Oh crumbs! I’ll be finding bits of pastry at my desk for the next week after this crumbly pastry has done its job. Tasty filling though and made the effort to look pretty.”

“The filling was a bit too tangy. Morrison’s?”

“A hidden gem, not the prettiest but great tasting. Perhaps comparable to Gareth Bale, looks like a chimp but pulls off some unbelievable tekkers.”

“Initial impression was of an interesting and different looking pie with the glazed lattice top, but rather tatty at the edges – perhaps the design is a bit too ambitious. Reasonably OK pastry which is on the moister/denser spectrum, together with a generous amount of tasty filling that has a medium texture but is probably not of the most luxurious ingredients. The first bite was an ideal ratio of pastry and filling given the overall quality of the ingredients. After the last bite, there is little in the way of a nice lingering aftertaste to suggest you have eaten a real high quality pie. On balance, I would classify this as a fairly standard and honest everyday pie.”

“Really liked the moist pastry and rich fruity filling. Would probably buy again. A bit more special than your average pie – so not a standard own brand, maybe a posh range e.g. Sainsbury taste the difference?”

“Co-op – Probably benefited from being my first of the season”

“Very sticky glaze on the top, lattice top which I thought would let the aroma flood out, but didn’t. Quite a heavy pie with a thick base which had the allowed the filling to soak through and made it a bit stodgy. However a tasty number which was sticky and clung to your teeth. Waitrose “